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Luxury Trading

Luxury is not a pleasure but pleasure is a luxury.


This quotation from Francis Picabia is EMA Group’s mission. Working closely with its network of professionals who are specialised and driven, EMA Group succeeds in capturing unique opportunities of excellence in individual areas of interest

Its team of professionals and their high standards of professionalism together with meticulous due diligence guarantees peace of mind to its clients.

EMA Group’s broad range of activities has allowed them to develop a strong international network over the years, a net that only reaps the best opportunities.

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Areas of trading

Real Estate

Luxury properties offered in exclusive locations and where fascination and refinement are the leitmotif

Luxury automotive, vintage cars, yachts

The fascination of cars, be it for their incredible performance or their unique story, capable of warming the hearts of enthusiasts


Opportunities which make passion for artwork a secure and prosperous investment for the future

Barter Exchange

Opportunities for increasing revenue and improving company cash-flow, starting with warehouse stock.