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EMA FOOD is a company specialising in sourcing and marketing high-quality Italian culinary delights globally.

Its aim is to offer and source high-quality, healthy and authentic produce whilst always taking the client’s needs into account.

The company’s indepth knowledge of Italy and its natural products stems from years of developing its professional network. This has steered the company to hand pick a selection of the top products from the country’s producers who work to the most modern quality standards.

EMA FOOD’s growing reputation is due to its focus on excellence, today being a focal point on the culinary map. Its strength lies in knowing the producers and their production methods, selecting the best products and putting together an offer tailor-made to the client’s needs.

In addition to striving for the highest quality, EMA FOOD guarantees the highest quality in the transportation and distribution of its products.

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Our services

Hotels, Restaurants,Catering and large organised distribution

Hotels, Restaurants and large organised distribution: Discover how EMA FOOD can become your partner.

Business Catering

Innovative ideas, services and products specific to catering, for both private and public events/congresses.

Marketing and Trade Fairs

Promotional activities around the products and brands using contemporary marketing strategies and presence at the most important food and beverage trade fairs.

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Dealers/Commercial Representatives

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Brands and products

Product Highlights

Superb culinary delights from Italy

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